E-mail is the pipeline of business. Invoicing, orders, status updates and all forms of business transactions are communicating via email. Businesses need a solid email platform and IT partner to fix the occasional issue – support that is local and not somewhere in the world. When you use PARKERTECHGROUP’s email services running on our secured server infrastructure and IceWarp, a top commercial email software application, you can be sure that you have that solid and responsive email solution.

Email Assistance

In addition to security and great features, PARKERTECHGROUP delivers local and responsive support. You will know who you are talking to when you call for assistance.


Our email solutions run on IceWarp, a leading provider of email application software. This international U.S. based company provides services for big names like Marriott hotels, Sony electronics, and Wendy’s restaurants. PARKERTECHGROUP is pleased to be able to bring that level of features, reliability, and security, along with great pricing, to our business clients.

Email Plans

We offer email by the single account up to however many you need. The more accounts you have, the lower the per account price. To find out more about how our IceWarp email can work for you, please contact us for a free quote.