Managed Services

IT Support for Your Business – Managed Services Provider plan (MSP)

Your business needs IT support that is affordable and reliable. But what if you cannot afford an on-staff IT person or group? What you do is you get the next best thing – an IT group that is ready, capable, and affordable to be there when you need them. You need a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

PARKERTECHGROUP is an MSP company providing IT support services for business of all sizes and business types, for profit or non-profit, in the six-county area of Harnett, Johnston, Sampson, Cumberland, Wayne, and Wake counties in North Carolina. Our group of technicians are mobile and equipped to support your business.

Major Reasons to Pick PARKERTECHGROUP
as your MSP IT Company:

24/7 Monitoring

Highest Priority Response Time

Affordable and Competative

Fixed Monthly IT Budget

We are your IT Consultants

What Does PARKERTECHGROUP do for you in an MSP Relationship?

24/7 Monitoring of Your Network Infrastructure

Using our RMM (remote management & monitoring) software, PARKERTECHGROUP constantly scans and watches your network and devices for any issues that may occur, such as diminishing hard drive space, recurring or critical errors, malware, etc. We immediately work on the problem for you.

Network and Computer Protection

PARKERTECHGROUP is partnered with Webroot, a private American company that provides Internet security for consumers and businesses. Webroot’s anti-virus software is highly rated and comes with any or our MSP offerings. In addition to anti-malware software, we can install firewalls to protect the ins and outs to your network. There are many other layered products that can be considered to further enhance your network security.


All PARKERTECHGROUP MSP clients are considered Priority 1 in response time and staff allocations. Your MSP agreement will show what we pledge to cover and how fast we respond. Using a triage method, we support hundreds of customers of various service levels to ensure the most critical and threatening issues are handled first.


PARKERTECHGROUP MSP offerings are affordable. From our office located in central NC we can serve six counties, in basically a 1-hour drive radius. We also have techs closer to most clients that can launch from their homes directly to your location if needed. A comparison of our MSP competitors will reveal that we are generally the best economic choice based on our deliverables and service features. Our quotes are free, so it is easy for you to check us out and see if we are within your budget needs. Having a fixed monthly IT support budget is great. We provide unlimited services for your business during your coverage period (as specified in the agreement), either by being onsite or by remote access. Unless something is not covered by your agreement, there is no additional charge other than any parts or equipment you buy. And we never charge you without getting your permission first.


After security concerns, clients are interested in how we can improve their network and computer speeds and uptime. This is a wonderful feature of an MSP relationship. We are always looking for a way, day in and day out, to help your system performance, to give you competitive advantage. Down-time costs a lot more than a typical monthly MSP agreement.


When we enter into an MSP relationship, we first conduct a site analysis to review in depth your network and computing needs, problems, opportunities and so forth. Out technicians learn your network, company, and staff. We quickly become your friend in the business, a partner to share your objectives with, and to be an ad hoc IT consultant when you need us.