Managed Anti-Virus

PARKERTECHGROUP is pleased to be partnered by Webroot, and industry class anti-virus software provider. Webroot can protect you and your network from ransomware and other forms of viral attacks. We include Webroot for all devices when we specify an agreement to provide managed IT services, and we protect our own systems with it. Whether you are a business with a server and multiple computers or a home PC user with one or two devices, Webroot is a great choice. We refer to it as an MSP class product, meaning that it not only protects your computer, it is equally vigilant for your servers, too. It provides many features for both technical and business sides of support.

Anti-virus is not a thing to be cheap about. Although Webroot is competitively priced at $30 per year, less expensive options are available. But with savings comes elevated risk. Buying Webroot through PARKERTECHGROUP allows you to not only have a top-rated solution – you get our techs to deploy and watch over your installation for problems. We monitor thousands of end points constantly to ensure your computer and network is the safest it can be.

We chose Webroot for a number reason, chiefly because of their stature, price point, corporate stability, and continuing technological advantage. With PARKERTECHGROUP and Webroot you get a winning combination of monitoring and protection that promotes your computing safety.