Cloud Backups

PARKERTECHGROUP is all about data integrity. The most important element of your computer, server, and network is your data! We provide efficient and affordable cloud backup plans that include our assistance with data recovery. We define data as more than business information – our backup plans are designed to take timely snapshots of your operating systems, applications, data files, pictures, email, etc. We place your data on redundant and secured platforms for storage and we monitor your backup results. If a problem occurs, we are on it before you even realize you have a problem!

Let's Define Cloud Backups

If you have looked on the internet for cloud backups, you know that there are many variations of cloud services, including or excluding data backups. PARKERTECHGROUP cloud backups are just that – we simply backup your critical data to our redundant and secured platforms for storage and we monitor your backup results. The process is scheduled nightly and usually involves a local copy of the backup in addition to the cloud copy. This gives you the best combination of storage and recovery options.

What are the benefits of our Cloud Backup Solutions over tradition local backups?


Local Backups (to tape or DVD or UBS drive), are usually manually performed, often skipped, and rarely verified as good backups. Cloud backups from PARKERTECHGROUP are automatically performed, never skipped, and always verified as good backups.


Local backups are device dependent. You can run out of space, especially when using small capacity devices like USB drives. Our cloud backup plans have more available storage space than you will ever need. When you grow, we can grow with you!


PARKERTECHGROUP monitors your cloud backups 24/7 and reacts to problems swiftly.


Our cloud backup plans are secure, replicated solutions that protect your data from the instant it is acquired for the backup process to the point it is stored on secured backup servers in the cloud.


We keep many versions of your backups in storage in case you need to roll back data to several days, weeks, or even months ago.

Restoring Data

Using our solution, restoring your data is a simple as requesting our technicians to restore it for you. Eliminating errors made in restoring data are one of the primary reasons for using a cloud backup solution over doing local backups. Even if you were to choose a nationally known cloud backup company, you may have to perform the restoration yourself. We think it is better if we help you with the process.


PARKERTECHGROUP uses, and will continue to update as needed, the best and latest data backups technologies. We will look at your data storage needs and apply the most practical and affordable solution.