Block Hours Account

Block hours are a great way to save money on IT Support and get faster response times instead of just calling in when you need us. Some businesses do not have a need for a monthly IT contract but still want to have prioritized consideration when there is a problem. Block Hours is the perfect way to do this if a managed service agreement does not fit your operation.

Block Hours
Priority Response!

Block Hours Accounts are considered as a contract and will receive increased priority response consideration over non-contractual requests.

Block Hours
Never Expire!

Block Hours do not expire! This is a major distinction between us and our competitors. We consider purchased blocks of hours as your property.

Block Hours
24% to 30% Discount

Block Hours are purchased in advance, and you get a substantial discount off our normal hourly rates. This discount ranges from 24% to 30% depending on block hours purchased. However, hours purchased are not refundable.

Block Hour
Use like Labor

Block Hours are used just like labor – you apply them to any IT related effort when you need them. You will get a monthly statement of use anytime you do use them showing activity and the balance of the block hours account.