Pay Per Click Advertising

Small businesses have to watch their marketing dollars closely. When you look at your budget and your options, it becomes apparent that although more and consistent and directed advertising is best, the advertising methods are too expensive or cannot be directed at a particular customer audience. TV, radio, billboards, and printed ads are often not an option. So, how can a small business compete with the ‘big boys’ and get its message our there to potential customers looking for your products and services?

The answer is surprisingly simple – digital marketing using pay per click advertising (PPC. But you will need a partner knowledgeable in PPC technologies to make sure your ads are message and cost effective, and to be able to track how well you are doing.

Reasons Why You Should Use Pay Per Click Advertising with PARKERTECHGROUP

Target Your Specific Customer Base

There are so many factors involved in targeting, geographics, customer interests, customer demographic to name a few. Better targeting = Better Advertising Costs. We work with you to define your targeting – you know your business; we know the marketplace.

Control Your Budget

PPC advertising puts you in charge. Set your budgets and change them anytime. We look at your costs per click and other success rates and help you to get the best bang for your buck.

Instant Gratification

Once you set up your marketing campaigns with us, your ads are quickly enabled on the internet, seeking out your desired market. No delays for printing, mailing, or other delays associated with traditional methods of advertising.

We Are Your Advertising Partner

Our fees are based on your budget so when you see success in your PPC advertising, you may increase your ad budget to gain even more success. So, PARKERTECHGROUP is extremely interested in your success in PPC or any of our other digital marketing strategies.

PPC - Pay Per Click concept Businessman working concept
Case Study
In the spring of 2020, in spite of COVID-19 crisis, PARKERTECHGROUP helped a services and retail company to get in front of 87,000 viewers in one month, and many thousands of those viewers visited their website. Their internal sales and visitation tracking showed an increase of approximately 10%, at a time when may businesses were cutting back or shutting down. Not all results for all customers are the same, of course, but this was an excellent boost for the customer at the right time.
PPC - Pay Per Click concept Businessman working concept
Case Study
PARKERTECHGROUP practices what it preaches. We eliminated three methods of advertising and used those funds in PPC advertising. We will not say how well it did, but it was significant!
PPC - Pay Per Click concept Businessman working concept
Case Study
We ran a digital marketing plan for a company for one year, and are into our second year together. They completely stopped all printed advertising, amounting to several thousands of dollars per year and have converted to PPC and PARKERTECHGROUPs management of their ongoing digital marketing efforts. They spend less with better and trackable results.
PPC - Pay Per Click concept Businessman working concept
Partnering with PARKERTECHGROUP for PPC leads to:
Better Use of Advertising Dollars
Better Customer Targeting for your Budget
Reasonable success-based rates. You do better, we do better.
Fast results. Fast Tweaks. Fast Answers.